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In The Cosmic LOVE 
We Trust!




on the UN SDGs 

National Winner of Greece
of the Charlemagne Youth Prize
by the European  Parliament
& Charlemagne Academy 2021 

Winner of Princess Diana Award UK



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Launched in The United Nations 2017

SOS4Love Project means:




Acting on All SDGs

with the Power of The HEART




SOS4love Project Unites YOUTH, Educators

 from Europe & Globally

to address the UN SDGs while highlighting the core Solution for them:

the Urgency for Pedagogy for Higher LOVE in schools 

to accelerate a shift in collective consciousness so that humanity can attain a state of peace and harmony



(Last Updated 22/2/21):

Reaching 135 Countries 

About 1.5 Million Actors

Reached & Involved Internationally : 


Teachers - Students - YOUTH- Citizens-Organisations after 2 times of the SOS4love Project presented in the United Nations,

4 Missions

With Official Protocols of Agreements with

the Ministers of Education & Environment of Cyprus

& Ministry of Education of Tucuman, Argentina


Presentation of SOS4love Project by its 

Greek YOUTH Ambassadors 

in the Honorary Movie by ERT TV Greek State Channel:'The Gift of Dyslexia'



About 5374 Schools from All Continents

(Last Updated 22/2/21)

involved in SOS4LoveProject

acting on #Pedagogy4love & #Space4SDGs

with Actions on all SDGs!






SOS4Love Project CREATORS 
3Dlexia Cosmos NPO with the support of Aggeliki Pappa &
the students & teachers of
  'I love Dyslexia' EFL School, Top 10 Schools in the World for Innovation - World's Best School Prize

Aggeliki Pappa  
President  3DlexiaCosmos NGO
CEO 'i love dyslexia' EFL school
2 Times in the 50 Top Educators in the World
  Global Teacher Prize,  2016 &17
    Winner of Europe 'Social Impact' 2018 
     UK Alumni Awards by the British Council UK
      Selected as a Candidate Citizen Astronaut
  by 'Space for Humanity' Organisation USA
     for a trip To Space for Humanitarian purposes

Explore the 3D Gallery presenting SOS4Love Project     


#SOS4LoveProject #Pedagogy4Love

#SOS4LoveProject #Pedagogy4Love

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What is the risk if we fail to reach the 17 Goals of UN Agenda by 2030?


In 2015, the 193 countries of the UN adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.  In 2016, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 2030 Agenda came into force. What is the story you are shaping in your classroom? If we succeed, humanity is going to rise together, if we fail, we are going to fail together. 


The Heart of YOUTH, the generation of Hope and Change,  must be cultivated by their teachers on the SDGs as well as facilitated to undertake their role actively in shaping the future, guided by the power that is behind everything, connects and transforms all: 



                                              THE POWER OF the Energy of Higher LOVE 



SOS4Love Project:
From the United Nations to Your Classroom!
Official Launch of SOS4LoveProject on a Global Level
 in the United Nations, Geneva Peace Week 2017
& 2nd Presentation on 2020.
SOS4 Love Project :
DISCOVER its Unique STORY from Marginalised students with the charismatic brain of dyslexia to reaching the stars with the Power of Pedadagogy4love!  
Vasilis Boumpis (16 Years old) & Marios Thomeas (15 years old)  were told in the Greek Public School by their teachers that they will never be able to learn English as a foreign language due to their dyslexia. However, with the support of Ms. Aggeliki Pappa founder of 'I love dyslexia' (ILD) EFL school, against all odds they managed to succeed together with their marginalised ILD classmates in EFL language, and their dream to empower others with their Global EFL Voice and Heart came true! As Student Ambassadors of SOS4love Project, through the 'I love dyslexia' EFL School  &  Events of 3Dlexia Cosmos in the UN with the support of the Ministris of Education of Argentina and Cyprus, they both  utilized their Global English Voice and ethos to advocate for Equity in Education in Greece and internationally, by initiated the SOS4Love Project connecting youth and teachers on the UN SDGs, fighting also for a Paradigm Shift in Education to expand Consciousness and harmonize Heart & Mind a Paradign of  #Pedagagogy4LOVE for a New Earth of Peace and Sustainability.
 Marios Thomeas moved on to launch his own Petitions in Greek & English Language on, fighting for the Human Rights for Equity in Education of Students with Dyslexia, in the Greek EFL classrooms and Education System.    


marios en
marios final avvaz
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.48.23 PM
Houston Spanish
Marios final
costas kadis
GPW_3DlexiaCosmos & Biopolitics event_1
GPW_3DlexiaCosmos & Biopolitics event_3

Vision & Scope

of the SOS4Love Project

  • Educate Students & Teachers Globally on the UN SDGs and Activate them in Collaboration on Innovative SDGs Actions while Highlighting the Urgency for #Pedagogy4Love for a New Earth of Peace

  • Use Space as a Canvas for Peace on Earth empowering #Space4SDGs & SDGs  

  • Cultivating high ethos, EQ & Life Skills to youth and teachers globally while collaborating on SOS4love Project Missions and Actions 

  • Activate the Heart of Humanity in Coherence with the Creative Mind to Uplift Global Consciousness for a new Earth of Peace 

  • Create Real Life Cosmic Edu-Experiences for youth and Educators that reach for the stars to transform life on earth, utilising the 'SOS4Love Goes to Space for SDGs' augmented reality APP to discover SDGs and with the support of Space Agencies and Space Scientists 


                                 With the Kind Collaboration with 


FINAL Astonaut Poster MA.jpg
FINAL ESA Poster MA.jpg





Teachers' & Students'

Benefits Upon Completion

   of the SOS4Love Project SDGs Actions  

  • opportunity to take part in the 1st Innovative Global Project on SDGs that connects with Space for Earth with its free Space App, Space Educational Tool-Kit and Missions in collaboration with Space Agencies, Astronauts, and Cosmonauts   

  • acquire intercultural communication life skills by connecting with participants from over 100 countries practicing English as a foreign language

  • active involvement and insights into the UN's SDGs through different innovative SOS4love Project Missionscultivating empathy, volunteerism, compassion and a mindset that all is POSSIBLE with acting collectively with the Power of the Heart and Mind

  • cultivate EFL language skills, ICT skills & life skills for the 21st century like critical thinking, problem-solving, design thinking, imagination, collaboration, curiosity  

  • teachers and Youth become Ambassadors of positive change & solidarity in the local, national & global community  

  • receive official SOS4LoveProject Students' & Teachers' Ambassador Certificates with UN budge Geneva Peace Week, once a team competes for its action on SDGs

  • the opportunity to participate through SOS4LoveProject Actions in 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO Events in the United Nations, The European Parliament, and Global Conferences




'Click' to Discover #Pedagogy4love

as Key for a NEW Earth of Peace 


Message by 3Dlexia Cosmos President

Aggeliki Pappa

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