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'Everything Happens for a ReasoN

& the Reason is Always to reach  the unconditional 


Aggeliki Pappa 

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'We are Here To Serve
3Dlexia Cosmos
ILD Students
Aggeliki Pappa


The ongoing #SOS4LoveProject is a Heart Cry & Call to Humanity from Youth facilitated by teachers, while experiencing our complex multi-leveled crisis globally. Being a part of humanity's soul journey, initiated through both blessings and hard lessons, #SOS4LoveProject is a Gift to Serve as an Awakening of Collective LOVE Action on All SDGs, leading a Life of a Higher Purpose:

a Life that ALL people Can Reach Fulfilment, Acting Collectively on SDGs with the Energy of COSMIC LOVE for the benefit of All. 


The SOS4LoveProject Heart is the  'i love dyslexia' inspiring Students and teachers who initiated it on a local level in 2013 & on a global level in 2017 in the UN through a STORY of LOVE! 


ILD students were told by their school teachers that they will never be able to learn English as a foreign language due to their special educational needs. But LOVE had a different plan. In 'i love dyslexia', being transformed with the Power of LOVE, they made the impossible possible against all odds! Having experienced the Magic of LOVE they initiated SOS4Love Project on a local & national level supporting people in need, then on a Global level with the ILD Ambassador launching SOS4Love in the UN and now they move on scaling up on a Cosmic Level (!) proving that ALL WE NEED IS LOVE to make Magic Happen! Turning their dyslexic creativity into a Solution for Humanity through SOS4Love, they manage to inspire Millions giving a LOVE lesson to Humanity while growing Solutions on SDGs.  


SOS4Love Miracle would have never happened without the Collective LOVE from SOS4Love Project Amazing Global Ambassadors, Supporters & the 3Dlexia Cosmos NPO who ALL as ONE create huge Impact for #CosmicLove4SDGs, highlighting the Urgency for Pedagogy4Love for the 4th Industrial Revolution and a NEW COSMOS.


                              Deeply Grateful to Our HEART Connection! 


With Continuous Commitment to Collective Actions through SOS4Love Project

WE Aim to connect All Countries Globally into a Universal Movement 

for Peace & Sustainability

That Touches The Stars

 Transforming the World with the only Power that Can Make All Possible:

The Power of COSMIC LOVE.


USE Our #!

#SOS4LoveProject  #Pedagogy4Love #OnlyLOVECanSaveTheWorld

#CosmicLOVE4SDGs #MoreSpace4SDGs 

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