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(AGAPE*: the word used by the Ancient Greek Philosophers to express the highest form
of unconditional LOVE) 

With the endorsement of the European Parliament 'European Youth Year' 2022, the European Space Agency 
& the Ministry of Education of Tucuman, Argentina    
The extraordinary challenges humanity faces in our time,
demand extraordinary collaborative actions to tackle them.
In Mission AGAPE we Believe that Humanity 

needs MORE SPACE FOR a New EARTH of Peace!
For the 1st Teachers & Students globally
collaborate with Astronauts & Cosmonauts
to cultivate their ethos & special skills to Youth and act on the
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 &16
for a New Peaceful Europe & World! 

Teachers, SIGN UP to Join MISSION AGAPE from October 7th to December 4th, 2022 to get exclusive access on the 10th of October 
to the innovative Tool Kit for students:

'ACT like Cosmo-Astronauts for a New Earth of Peace and AGAPE
empowering #Pedagogy4love #SOS4loveUkraine #Space4SDGs.

By completing and emailing your 'Mission AGAPE' action inspired by the ethos and skills of the Astro-Cosmonauts, you will receive: 

1) the official Mission AGAPE Certificates for Students & Teachers 
by 3Dlexia Cosmos endorsed by the European Parliament,
European Space Agency & the United Nations
2) the signed augmented reality astronaut by the current Commander of the International Space Sation (ISS) Oleg Artemyev accompanied by his autograph, exclusively for the SOS4love Project Ambassadors!  

 READ the 3 Steps below to understand in detail 'Mission AGAPE'
& connect with 
Youth & Teachers globally on Innovative Goal 4 & 16 Actions inspired by the Ethos and Skills 
of the cosmo-astronauts, to empower students to become the leaders of a new Earth of Peace! 
Then go to the 'Action Guide MISSION AGAPE'
drop-down Menu under the HOME page to start organizing your action 
while building students with the cosmo-astronauts' special skills
for a new Earth of Peace & AGAPE! 


FINAL Astonaut Poster MA.jpg
FINAL Astonaut Poster MA.jpg

Understanding MISSION AGAPE Step 1 

1) New to the UN SDGs? Go to the HOME Page menu to find out about the UN SDGs and the Story of the SOS4love Project by 3Dlexia Cosmos. Discover the UN SDGs by downloading the free App 'SOS4love Goes to Space for SDGs' and play  with its augmented reality astronauts! 

2) Click on the LINK of Mission AGAPE below to discover its Scope as presented in the 'European Year of Youth 2022' by the European Parliament, focusing on initiating Youth Actions on the UN Goals 4 and 16 to empower Peace & Higher LOVE in Europe & globally, in the face of the devastating war in Ukraine, inspired by the innovative educational Tool Kit by 3Dlexia Cosmos that cultivates the ethos and skills of cosmo-astronauts, which will be sent exclusively from the 10th of October and on to all teachers who sign up for Mission AGAPE. The Tool Kit  'ACT Like a Cosmo-Astronaut for a New Earth of Peace' aims to cultivate students the special skills of the astronauts & cosmonauts of the International Space Station (ISS) who make the impossible possible and manage to collaborate peacefully in space despite the devastating wars on earth.  

FINAL ESA Poster MA.jpg

Understanding MISSION AGAPE Step 2

1) SIGN UP for MISSION AGAPE on the LINK below to receive the innovative Tool Kit on the 10th of October:

'ACT like a Cosmo-Astronaut for a New Earth of Peace & AGAPE'  




2) Go to the 'Action Guide MISSION AGAPE' Button Menu 

found under the HOME Page, to follow the steps of completing your Mission AGAPE Action on the UN Goals 4 and/or 16 starting on the 7th of October 2022, preparing students with the cosmo-astronauts' special life skills and ethos to help them act as agents of change for a new future and Earth of Peace and AGAPE. 


3) On October 7th & 8th go to the SOS4love Project Facebook page to get updates from our trip to ESA Astronaut Training Center in Cologne, Germany where we will launch Mission AGAPE  & will collaborate with ESA scientists to help prepare out innovative Tool-Kit inspired by the ISS Cosmo-Astronauts!  

Mission AGAPE Poster EU with ESA .png

Understanding MISSION AGAPE Step 3

1) COMPLETE your MISSION AGAPE Action until December 4th 2020 & e-mail your material to, as described on the 'Action Guide  MISSION AGAPE' Menu under the HOME Page button. You will then receive the official Certification of MISSION AGAPE by 3Dlexia Cosmos endorsed by the European Parliament, UN & the Ministry of Education of Tucuman, Argentina, as well as the ISS Current Commander's Oleg Artemyev signed SOS4love Project augmented reality astronaut and autograph, exclusively

for the MISSION AGAPE Ambassadors!


2) Stay tuned on the SOS4Love Project Facebook page on the 2nd week of December to get updates on SOS4love Project Ambassadors' visit to the European Parliament to present the results of MISSION AGAPE  & your valuable contribution to empowering  'European Youth Year 2022',  #SOS4loveUkraine #Pedagogy4love & #Space4SDGs for a New Earth of Peace & AGAPE.

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