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Attention: For the SOS4Love Project Students and Teachers will Choose & Present only 1 out of the 3 following Actions on ANY of the 17 Goals, sending your material 

in English or Greek language


1) a new student-driven Action on SDGs which will start on the 4th of October 2019 

2) an ongoing SDGs Action students have been working on and is still in progress, or 

3)an SDGs Action students have already conducted but has not been presented through SOS4Love Project, adjusting it with SOS4Love Project Scope &  #Pedagogy4Love



Fill up the questions of the 4 Week Reports seen below & email the answers to following the Project Calendar. 





SOS4LoveProject In Practice

Step By Step:


(What to Do, How & When)


Project language: English, Greek

Students' Grade: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, High school, University Students

Teachers' school subject taught: All subjects


Teachers & Students Complete & Present their Action 

on ANY of the SGDs they are Passionate

following a 4Week time-frame

Do not forget to Go to 'SOS4love Goes to Space' menu button to  read the instructions

 for the Free SOS4Love App & Tech for #Space4SDGs, & you might see your Work in the United Nations!






Mouse Over The Picture Below To Taste the LOVE

of SOS4Love Project !

Imagination & creativity 

LOVE & Stardust

The Ingredients for SOS4LoveProject 

Leadership CommunicationCollaboration


SOS4love Goes to Space Application for Moonshot FUN!







Heart & Mind

 Design Thinking

Instructions for Your SOS4Love Action

What to Do, How & When

ATTENTION:  Email all 4 week material to 

If Actions need more days to be completed than the suggested plan below, email us so you can be eligible.

Teachers Ambassadors are responsible for parents' permission for SOS4Love Project photos and videos emailed to SOS4love Project as they will be published in the social media of the organizers.  







Week 1 Report to be completed & emailed 5th to 11th of October 2020

 Step 1) Suggested Way to implement SOS4love Project in your Class. Feel free to make any Adjustments to fit your Plan and  Teaching Styles:    


a) present the 17 SDGs of the UN to students, the  SOS4Love Video 'What is Love', the Story of the SOS4Love Project launched in the UN by a student with the charismatic brain of dyslexia, and any of the info you wish in the links in red, all found on the Home Page. 

                                 b) download and print the Poster of Mission 4 #HustonProblemSolved 2020 found in the Home Page MENU, sent to all Schools in Tucuman, Argentina & World Space Week for Mission 4.  Let the students scan with a QR code reader of a phone or tablet if available, the QR codes found on the Poster. Let the older students 'discover' the project independently while teachers must support the younger ones with more guidance on what is the UN, the 17 Goals, and the UNOOSA (United Nations Office of Outer Space). After Warm-Up time, discuss with the students: In which ways can we utilize the power of LOVE to actions on the SDGs for a New  Earth of Peace? How can Space & The Universe be an Inspiration and a Canvas for Peace in the world and/or bring solutions for SDGs? 

                                  b) download the 'SOS4love Project Goes to Space SDGs' free App for Android and iOS on a mobile phone and choose English, Greek for the Spanish language. Download and print the Astronauts' pages found on the 'SOS4LoveProject Goes to Space NASA ROSCOSMOS' page on the MENU, let the students draw & add their LOVE messages for SDGs and PEACE on the astronauts' speech bubble & follow the steps of the App to scan the augmented reality astronauts with your phones and see them get alive! Follow the steps of the App for more #Space4SDGs fun!        

'                                c) Listen' to Your HEART 1st,  to Imagine, Discuss, Decide & Design with the students a real Action on any of the SDGs. What can you do to help on any of the  SDGs & UN Agenda 2030 for a better world? Students and Teachers can visit the SOS4Love Project YouTube Channel to see videos of different actions all over the world to spark their imagination, as well as see photos and action plans uploaded wherever you see a '#' on the 'Calendar and MISSIONS' section on the Menu. According to the time available in each school and country, teachers can decide independently how many hours & the way they can work with students for SOS4Love Project and their action on SDGs.         


Step 2:  Email us Photos supporting #Pedagogy4LOVE, #SOS4LoveProject & #HustonProblemSolved! 


a) a photo of your students including the name of the school/institution and country b) a separate photo of the teacher-facilitator with or without the students

c) TAKE PART IN THE UN CHALLENGE: Email us your  BEST and Most Inspiring Action Photos while working on SOS4Love Project with the students! You might see your photos to the UN Geneva Peace in 3Dlexia Cosmos LIVE Events. 


TIP: Make sure you visit the Project Calendar site-button regularly to stay informed about the project Action Plan & email your products and photos at

Week 2 Report to be completed & emailed 12th to 18th of October 2020

Step 1: Capture & email more Powerful Photos  of your SOS4Love Project Action, including photos of your augmented reality astronauts and messages from the free App in iOS & Android 'SOS4Love Goes to Space SDGs .

ATTENTION! Tag your photos with  #SOS4LoveGoesToSpace   #Space4SDGs @sos4loveproject  in Facebook , @APappaILD in Twitter and You Mind Find  your Photos presented in the United Nations Geneva Peace Week November 2020,  Presented in the event of 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO, receiving your Special UN Badge! 

 Email them to 

Week 3 Report to be completed & emailed 19th to 2th of October 2020

Step 1: Send us a Short VIDEO  capturing the best moments & messages throughout your #SOS4LoveProject Action to   (you can send it using 'WeTransfer') ATTENTION: Your video will be uploaded in SOS4Love Project YouTube Channel and Might be Presented in the United Nations Geneva Peace Week November 2020 in 3Dlexia Cosmos Event, receiving our honorary UN Badge!  

Week 4 Report to be completed & emailed 26th to 31st of October 2020 

Step 1:  Download the SOS4Love Project Final Action Plan Report Sheet found in the Word Doc button below. Read, Complete and email it to .  If your Action was based on the creation of a Video, Song, Poster, Campaign, Art, Site or anything else not mentioned, please email it to us in      

Sample Answer! :