So Remember to Look at the Stars & Not Down on Your Feet.'

Stephen Hawking 






SOS4Love Goes to Space Wrote History in the Name of Cosmic LOVE!


1st PROJECT Globally with Actions to Support  #Space4SDGs

that goes to Space with the Boarding Pass of NASA for MARS PERSEVERANCE

& the Support of ROSCOSMOS Cosmonauts, Sending a Message of PEACE & Solidarity in the UNIVERSE for EARTH.  

















SOS4Love Project: 1st Project Globally on #Space4SDGs, utilizing Cutting Edge Science, Technology & Art for PEACE through Actions on All SDGs! How?


a) moving to Space with NASA Rover to MARS, July 2020, with NASA Boarding Pass to all its Ambassadors!

b) supported by the Active Team of ROSCOSMOS Cosmonauts, led by the Russian with Greek Origins from Pontos, Theodore Grammatikopoulos who signed autographs to sent to All sos4love Project Ambassadors, together with all Roscomsos Team  



















ROSCOSMOS ACTIVE Cosmonauts TRUST for SOS4Love Project!


SOS4loveProject becomes the 1st Project Globally on SDGs supported by ROSCOSMOS Cosmonauts. 

SOS4love Project, 3Dlexia Cosmos & Ms. Aggeliki Pappa in the Opening Ceremony of Yuri Gagarin Park in Crete, Greece, a Symbol of PEACE & Global Unity for all Countries & Continents. More than Half a Million Students on Actions on SDGs and #Pedagogy4Love, create the 1st Edu-Project on SDGs & Space4SDGs that Sends a Message for PEACE & Solidarity with the Power of Cosmic LOVE, Reaching the Stars with the Support of ROSCOSMOS Cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov, Oleg Artemyev, Sergei Prokofiev, & Theodoros Yurtsichin Grammatikopoulos!

                       Deeply GRATEFUL for this MIRACLE of SDGs LOVE!























c)  'SOS4Love Goes to Space' SDGs APP: 1st Free Edu-App Supporting #Space4SDGs Globally presented in NASA Space APP Challenge, Piraeus, 2019


Support #Space4SDGs of the UNOOSA & Encourage an OverView Effect to Raise Human Consciousness, Empower YOUTH to LOOK at The STARS & Feel the Interconnections with the Quantum Universe, to Transform our Self & World View so as to Act Passionately on All SDGs for a New Earth of Equality, Solidarity, Sustainability, PEACE & LOVE!



HOW to Use the APP SOS4love Goes to Space in 3 Steps  


a) Click the Links on the Astronauts Augmented Reality Pages You See at the end of the Page to SAVE, DOWNLOAD & PRINT. The Astronaut on the left can be colored & add your Personal Message for LOVE, Peace & SDGs you Want in the Speach Bubble to Sent to Space! The Astronaut on the right  Can NOT be colored but you can Write and Colour Your Message on his/her speech bubble.


b) Download the Free 'App' SOS4Love Goes to Space - SDGs and FOLLOW the 3 Step instructions of the App for Android & iOS to scan your printed Augmented reality Astronauts and bring them to LIFE!

Choose the SDGs your astronaut will take to space, take photos of your astronauts

( you can move behind him/her and include yourself in the picture!) and sent them to info@sos4loveproject.com following the steps of the application.


YOU will be notified when we will send your Astronaut and message to Space on a future space mission in collaboration with OLYMPIASPACE and Aerospace Agencies. Share your Astronaut Photo through the App on Facebook SOS4Love Project Page and Support #Space4SDGs!  Then, Go to 'Step By Step GUIDE SOS4Love' page under HOME page to organize your Action on the SDGs of your HEART! Upon the completion of your action, we will be thrilled to send you the ROSCOSMOS Cosmonauts signed Autographs & Posters for SOS4Love, as well as the SOS4Love Project Ambassador Boarding Pass that will fly with NASA Rover 2020 In June 2020! 


c) Get Informed on How to Use SPACE Tech to ACT on #Space4SDGs by clicking on the red links at the end of the page!.Enjoy the COSMIC RIDE & Feel inspired to support SOLIDARITY, Equality, & Peace, Acting on SDGs with the power of LOVE!

A SPECIAL STARRY GIFT for SOS4Love Project Ambassadors, NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover & 'Space For Humanity' for Empowering SOS4Love Project, from 3Dlexia Cosmos & Aggeliki Pappa! ALWAYS TRUST in COSMIC LOVE To Act on SDGs for A NEW Earth Tof PEACE! 


CLICK on the Music button on this Personalized Video sent as a special Gift to All SOS4Love Project Ambassadors, presenting the Stars and Constellations that were visible overhead on the special day of the 30th of July 2020, when Mars Perseverance left Earth with SOS4LoveProject  in its microchip. The video shows the entire sky during sunrise and sunset, with the southern horizon along the bottom. The Music is generated by the Stars themselves (!) by converting each Star's color and brightness into the music note!