'So Remember to Look at the Stars  

& Not Down on Your Feet.'

Stephen Hawking 


Fasten Your Seatbelts!



LIVE the Cosmic Experience  of The NEW APP 'SOS4Love Goes to Space - SDGs, along with your Action for SDGs. The 1st time in the History of SDGs To Move Students & Teachers out of Earth and Reach The Stars, by sending your astronaut photo, favourite SDGs and Message for LOVE & Peace  in SPACE! Are You Ready to create and experience an OVERVIEW EFFECT of Love for Earth, by emitting collective HEART Energy in Space from your classrooms & look earth from the stars?  



1) Download the 2 Astronauts Augmented Reality Pages You See at the end of the Page. The Astronaut on the left can be coloured together with the speech bubble, to add Your Personal Message for LOVE & Peace & SDGs You Want to Sent to Space!

The Astronaut on the right  Can NOT be coloured but you can Write and Colour Your Message on his/her speech bubble!


2) Download the Free 'App' SOS4Love Goes to Space - SDGs and FOLLOW the 3 Steps instructions of the App!

ATTENTION!  The Updated Version ready for All Android and iOS now!

 Choose the SDGs he/she will bring to space, take a photo of your astronaut, and sent it to info@sos4loveproject.com as seen in the application.

YOU will be notified when we will sent your Astronaut and message to Space on a real space mission in collaboration with OLYMPIASPACE and Aerospace Agencies, taking LOVE for SDGs and Pedagogy outside of Earth for The 1st Time in History! Share your Astronaut Photo through the App on facebook SOS4Love Project Page and facebook! With the copletion of your action we will sent your Students  the ROSCOSMOS Cosmonauts Autographs for SOS4Love as well as the SOS4Love Project Ambassador boarding pass  that will fly with NASA Rover 2020! 

ENJOY SOS4Love Cosmic Journey!  

3) Go to 'Step By Step GUIDE SOS4Love' page under HOME page and Act on SDGs! Get Inspired to use NASA Tech, App, Edu-Space resources creatively to tackle SDGs, be clicking the links below under the astronauts!