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to ACT through it & Solve All SDGs: 

Aggeliki Pappa: In the 1st Team in the History of Humanity of    Candidate Citizens Astronauts for a Trip to Space in 2021 for Humanitarian Reasons, by Space for Humanity USA.


Watch Aggeliki's TEDx Talk in English, Advocating on The Urgency for a GlobaL Paradigm Shift of Quantum Pedagogy, Empowering


for a NEW EARTH of HIGHER LOVE, PEACE & Sustainability.  

Pappa - Space For Humanity .jpg

Watch 'MORE SPACE & LOVE for SDGs' by SOS4Love Project,  Launched and Uploaded in the UNITED NATIONS Platform of Digital Series GENEVA PEACE WEEK 2020, in collaboration with the former NASA ASTRONAUT, Earth Scientist & School Teacher Dorothy Metcalf Lindenburger.

Special Thanks to Mark Vondracek for making this happen! 


SOS4Love Project Presented in NASA SPACE APP CHALLENGE by Aggeliki Pappa  

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.44.10 PM.png
mars pappa.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.43.26 PM.png
BoardingPass_MyNameOnMars_Mars2020 (1).p

SOS4Love Project Supported by the Team of ACTIVE ROSCOSMOS COSMONAUTS Met In  YURI GAGARIN PARK In Crete, Greece with Aggeliki Pappa 

Below is a unique Personalised Video of the Stars and Constellations that were visible overhead, on the special night of the 3rd of July 2020 when Mars Perseverance by NASA left Earth with SOS4loveProject on board. The video was made as a tribute to all SOS4Love Project Ambassadors for connecting the 1st SDGs Project globally with Mars! The video shows the entire  sky during sunset and sunrise with the southern horiszon along bottom of that day. This is indeed the SKY of the day and night that the1st Project globally, SOS4love Project on SDGs empowering #Pedagogy4love moved to Space! The music is generated by the stars themselves, by converting each star's color and brightness into the music note.

This is a Big Celebration of LOVE ENERGY to SPACE for EARTH!  

DOWNLOAD 'SOS4love Project Goes to Space SDGs'

 Application & Discover SDGs in Moonshot Way in 3 Steps!


1) click to save, downaod & print the 2 augmented reality astronauts below. Add your personal message for SDGs in the speech bubble for a new earth of the power of LOVE. Add your colour preferences on the white astronaut.    

 2) go back to the application, choose your language & explore the 3 button choices. Choose the SDGs you are acting upon and move to the next step to make your printed augmented reality astronaut come ALIVE!

3) place the printed astronauts under your mobile, that automatically opens its camera, and once the grey button on the screen turns green, watch your astronauts come  ALIVE! Move behind them, get in the frame of your mobile phone, take cool pictures, upload them in your social media with #SOS4loveProject or #SPACE4SDGs and click to sent them to ! We are so looking forward to sending your SDGs messages to space on a future flight opportunity! ENJOY THE RIDE!      

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