LOVE is In The AIR!
& VIP Recognition
LOVE & LIGHT for #SOS4LoveProject! 

SOS4LoveProject & Aggeliki Pappa:

Winner Of Europe for the Social Impact 2018

 #UKAlumniAward by the British Council UK 

On the Central News Antenna TV, Greece & Satellite, May 2018

Ms Pappa Winner of Europe

by the British Council UK for UK Alumni Awards - Social Impact 2018,

Receives His HRH Prince of Wales Trust

for the Global Impact of 'i love dyslexia' EFL school, 3Dlexia Cosmos & SOS4LoveProject

(Stavros Niarchos Foundation, 2018)

Prof. Ms Pappa on the Philosophy, Impact & Scope of SOS4love Project with Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Award Winner & Most Prominent Scientist Globally on  Climate Change, founder of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Main Advisor on Climate Change of Angela Merkel and Pope Francis, who endorsed SOS4Love

with a Spectacular Message for All Ambassadors:  

SOS4Love Will Save The World!


Humbled, Honoured & Grateful:

The'i love dyslexia' students in the Roll of Honour of Diana Foundation 

 receiving the  The Diana Award for SOS4LoveProject

SOS4Love Project Winner of the Prestigious Charlemagne Youth Prize 2021
(National Winner of Greece)
by the European Union & Charlemagne Academy  

To be officially received in Ocfficial Ceremony in Aachen Germany on the 28th of September to 2nd of October 2021, by the Marios Thomeas, SOS4love Project Ambassador & Ms. Aggeliki Pappa, President of 3Dlexia Cosmos. The Ceremony will be attended by European Presidents, Prime Ministers, Leaders & Youth Winners.


More than 50 on line Articles with Millions of Views on the SOS4Love Project, Winner of the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2021, National Winner from Greece

SOS4Love Project 1st Project Globally on SDGs supported by the Active Team of ROSCOSMOS Astronauts!

In Yuri Gagarin Park Crete, a Symbol of Peace & Global Unity, SOS4Love Unites 62 Countries, All Continents and Thousands of Students on Actions on SDGs and #Pedagogy4Love, becomes the 1st Edu-Project on SDGs that Sends a Message for PEACE with the Power of Cosmic Love reaching the stars with the Support of Roscosmos #Roscosmos Cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov, Oleg Artemyev, Sergei Prokofiev, Theodoros Yurtsichin Grammatikopoulos!!!



Greek Media


Aggeliki Pappa on ANT1 TV Central NEWS broadcast both in Greece & Cyprus: 
Her appointment with The Minister of Education
Dr. Costas Kadis and her visit in
Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture for    the SOS4Love Project to be implemented in all schools of Cyprus 

GREECE - #SOS4LoveProject presented on the Educational TV  Programme: "About Education"

GREECE - #SOS4LoveProject presented on Easy 92.7 Radio programe: "Life for your Life"

 'Kathimerini' Newspaper

One of the biggest Greek Newspapers covering ILD students story

from Dyslexia to The United Nations, the Diana Award and SOS4LoveProject 


Global Events Presenting

SOS4Love Project 


SOS4Love Project presented

in Tucuman Argentina, 2018

La Gaceta Newspaper & 

State TV Channel

and Mrs Pappa's Key Note speeches to 

  7000 teachers live and watched by 45000

A Child Ambassador of SOS4LoveProject

is Changing the World! Thrilled on How Sos4loveproject Inspired Ayush Chopra from India to Publish 'Shaping a Fairer World with SDGs and Human Rights:17 Goals,169 Targets, 2030Agenda' 


 3DlexiaCosmos & SOS4Love Project Street Action

of ILD students & teachers   

Collaborating with  24 NGOs in Athens

April 2018 


‘Make Europe Sustainable For All’


'Hellenic Platform for Development'

Official Presentation SOS4Love Project

in Microsoft E2 Global Forum Singapore March 2018 Live Streaming 


Key Note Speaker Aggeliki Pappa

SOS4LoveProject by 3DlexiaCosmos

presented by Aggeliki Pappa in

The Conference ‘Education and Culture’ Crete, May 2018,

under the Auspices of the Ministry Of Education, Research and Religious Affairs- Greece

Attended by the General Secretary of the Ministry Of Education

Public Event

in Aghia Parakevi Athens Greece presenting SOS4Love Project

by ILD students

to Greek Citizens

with the support of

the Mayor & 

The Municipality of Aghia Paraskevi

 Athens, January 2018

GREECE - SOS4Love Project presented on Online & Social Media
Charlemagne YOUTH Prize 2021 for SOS4Love Project
More Than 50 Online Articles on SOS4Love Project Being Winner of the Charlemagne Prize 2021 for Greece




Greece4 SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Zachariou Language School

"Give a book to create a library"

Greece4 SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Uk School of English 

«One book, One dream, One world»

Greece4 SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Mellon School of Languages

"Don't Waste your Waste"

Greece4 SOS4LoveProject

Newspaper "Patris" presenting


Greece4 SOS4LoveProject

Atlantis radio with Memos Koen 105,2 fm 

for SOS4LoveProject

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PORTUGAL - Lúcia Tardão presents the cleaning action performed at Alberto Iria's School for #SOS4LoveProject in collaboration with TV coverage from Olhao Municipality. 


PORTUGAL - #SOS4LoveProject presented on Online & Social Media

Portugal4 SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Alberto Iria's School

"Cleaning Action"

Portugal SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Alberto Iria's School

"Cleaning Action"

Portugal SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Alberto Iria's School

"Cleaning Action"

Portugal4 SOS4LoveProject

SOS4LoveProject of Alberto Iria's School

"Cleaning Action"


SOS4LoveProject of Alberto Iria's School

"Cleaning Action"

Mexico4 SOS4LoveProject


Interview for #OnceTVMexico & #ScienceMagazine